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Certification of Welders according to:

» EN ISO 9606-1 (Steels)

» EN ISO 9606-2 (Aluminum and its alloys)

» Weld Procedures according to ISO 15614-1


Thank you for visiting our booth.

It is a pleasure to be able to show you the quality services we have to offer!

See you at Hannover, from 17 to 21 April. 

ROQ Laser has a park of about 50 automated machines capable of meeting the most demanding metalworking requests. And this park is renewed every year! 

At ROQ Laser your company's projects are transformed into high quality pieces!

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ROQ Laser was showing its services in another trade show, this time in Hannover. 

The presence at Global Industrie has ended. This event served not only to strengthen relationships with customers but also to create new contacts.

A simple tribute to every women around us who are a true example of generosity, effort, delicacy and great knowledge.
In the project area we are able to offer you a complete service, ambitious, personalized and with quality.