ROQ Laser commitment to quality assurance

ROQ Laser has been committed to quality since it was founded 24 years ago.

Our dedication to quality is evident in all our products and solutions.

Every year, we carry out numerous customer audits, in addition to our quality certifications, which qualify us for the most complex and demanding industrial processes.

We provide manufacturing services for various industries, including food, hydraulics, nuclear energy, semiconductors, automotive, microchip production, precision mechanics and agriculture.

Our services range from laser cutting to complete assembly, and we carry out strict quality controls after each operation.

Our team of over 150 qualified and trained employees is fully committed to quality control at every stage of production.

We carry out visual, dimensional and functional checks, as well as measurements using a 3D scanner, operations checklists and factory acceptance tests. Our high standards are maintained throughout production.

In addition to all of the above, we would like to highlight other aspects that are part of the quality process carried out by ROQ Laser:

- Process analysis and improvement

- Customer orientation

- Internal innovation

- Getting people involved

For all these reasons, we can assure you that our products comply with rigorous testing and quality processes.

Advantages and Benefits of the Management System

Investment in Quality Management should generate customer satisfaction with the products and services provided.

Quality Management is important for organizing and standardizing ROQ Laser's processes and guaranteeing the correct execution of the product or service. With this, ROQ Laser's performance will be elevated in order to generate customer satisfaction and loyalty and thus stand out in the market.

Thus, some of the major advantages of a Quality Management System are:

- Maximizing your organization's performance and increasing productivity;

- Greater customer satisfaction;

- Reduced costs and waste;

- Process optimization;

- Increased competition;

- Adoption of new technologies;

- Increased notoriety for your company.

ROQ Laser's commitment to quality assurance

ROQ Laser has invested in more capable and faster control and measurement systems.

To this end, there has been a continuous professionalization of the department and a commitment to acquiring equipment that allows for more accurate and effective control.

The use of this equipment in the validation of new or existing products allows for the collection of more and better data and helps to develop new products.


- Top technology

- Accuracy and precision

- Portability

- Versatility

- Speed

- Reduced human error

- More precise control

- Product conformity

- Reverse engineering

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