ROQ Laser – Unrelenting commitment towards improvement

ROQ Laser, being a technologically advanced company that strives for continuous improvement every day, constantly looks towards ways to optimize their own facilities in order to increase productivity.

One of the biggest problems we at ROQ Laser had a few years ago could be traced back to our storage system.

Often our production speeds would far surpass our storage capabilities, which would inevitably bottleneck our production and prevent us from looking into buying extra machinery, as we would have no way to increase production sustainably.

Not only was our storage limited, but also very hard to access. Forklifts would often have to pull difficult maneuvers in order to carry around the various types of parts and materials that ROQ Laser produces. It was neither the safest nor fastest method, as forklifts tend to not be that fast and reliable as they move through a big production facility.

Eventually it was decided that something had to be done in order to keep going forward and expand our production volume.

It was at this point that, looking at all possible solutions, we decided that the best course of action would be one that took into account and resolved both of our issues, storage capacity and part transportation.

With these goals in mind, it became clear that going for an automated solution would be the answer to our problems. It represented a big investment but, without it, ROQ Laser wouldn’t have expanded to the level it’s at today.

And thus, after a lot of planning, our new automated storage robot was launched in 2014.

With it, ROQ’s production environment was heavily optimized by increasing its overall storage space, automatically delivering all kinds of materials to our machines using its fast item retrieval system and making our operator’s lives simpler and much safer.

Before, ROQ Laser was working with 4 different machines, now, ROQ Laser was able to expand to 7 machines without jeopardizing or bottle necking its production cycle.

This top-of-the-line automatic storage robot is a behemoth with over 4000 storage units, being a testament to ROQ’s commitment towards constant improvement and growth, not only in size, but also in quality.

This commitment was true back in 2014 when the robot was first launched and is even bigger now as we keep setting higher goals and releasing products like our new ROQ Tools line of equipment.

Because of it, we at ROQ Laser will always stay true to our origins and keep setting new targets, becoming an even bigger competitive force within our field.